Every second, PI collects  massive amounts of untapped valuable data

The challenge is how to go from data into actionable knowledge

AI & ML platform for sensor based industrial data

Connecting the dots

PI manages the Data representation of patterns,cause-effects relationships, correlations.

Powerful AI&ML technologies are available

Operational experience and knowledge is available from SME´s, process and reliability engineers .

Value from Data, AI&ML technologies and people
Full support from knowledge discovery to turning it into action

Value creation based on synergy and leverage on data,
available technologies and people

Built for evolutionary development ✓
Easy to install, easy to use, easy to deploy ✓

✓ Leverage on a huge R&D ecosystem
✓ Openness

Seamless integration
with PI

Online read/write, no intermediate data bases, no data transfer.


No complicated IT Project
Get immediate value from
your data and your people

Get the best

Analyze PI data using
SCAN Notebook, powered
by the best available



Turn insight
into action

SCAN Explorer
a No Code Notebook for
SME’s, process engineers, operators.


Automate AI&ML
models, sending data
back to PI

A powerful CORE make it simple to install, use and grow

SCAN Streams
An abstraction for working
with PI Data.
NO interfaces to build,
NO intermediate data bases.

Out of the Box AI&ML
platform that directly
integrates with PI and the best
in class available

Leverage on the
knowledge of thousands of developers, using any
AI&ML tool already
available through PIP.

SCAN Notebook, a familiar UX/UI for Data Scientists

Start working from day one

Minimal onboarding time
Web based Notebook UX/UI, nothing to install, fast to learn

Full real time read/write access to PI Data
Full access to best in class AI&ML tools

Analyze, test, comunicate
Share, re-use, improve

SCAN EXPLORER, no code Notebook for many of us…

SCAN tools to develop & embed App. Libraries

SCAN Explorer

A container for simple to use App. Libraries
The discoveries from data scientists can be used by many
Develop dedicated applications for process and asset analysis

Effective governance of your knowledge assets

From a Core Technology, unlimited potential for adding value
Full support from knowledge discovery to turning it into action

Unlimited Access to data and AI&ML technologies
Value from D. Sc. insights

Automate AI&ML Models
Send result data back to PI:
predictors, early alerts, estimates

Build AI&ML powered applications for advanced process and asset monitoring


Empower end users
with simple to use AI&ML applications


Evolutionary development:
add & enhance end user libraries

Your Challenge

a POC?

a dedicated app. for a critical asset or process monitoring?

a pattern, a reason cause to be identified?

a predictor for a difficult to measure operational parameter?

get SME’s and process engineers onboard on AI&ML technologies?

Our answer: Team with us

we know about the industry and applied analytics

we can help you on the applied analytics journey, from the early assessment to the continuous support for evolutionary development

we deliver

Adopting SCAN

Currently SCAN is available through Strategic Partners,

  • Will deliver a full operable solution
  • Train your people
  • Help you on the evolutionary development of the application

On top of this, you will receive a 1 Year free licensing of
SCAN Notebook and SCAN Explorer

Ask us for a partner that can help you

Strategic Partners

We are looking for synergies between SCAN technology and industry expertise. Companies able to provide added value knowledge and services using SCAN

If you are interested on becoming a partner, please contact us, we will be pleased to schedule a meeting to discuss collaboration opportunities

contact us | scanpartners@scan-ml.com

About SCAN

SCAN is a spin off from CONTAC, a longstanding partner of OSISOFT

At CONTAC we have been using AI&ML technologies for years and we faced the same problems many companies have: difficulties on accessing the data and limitations of closed application packages; as well as issues on the reusability of the applications, evolutionary development, management and governance of the complete cycle, from specialized analysis to making it available for many.

We thought about the usefulness of a new platform, open as PI, with a short onboarding time, a direct interaction with the data as straightforward as PI Data Link or PI Vision, fully open to AI&ML technologies as Jupyter Notebook is; a platform simple to install and use, no need to move the data to another DB, no complicated IT projects. A technology that would empower people, facilitating their contribution and creativity.

SCAN is the result of a deep understanding of the industry needs and years of hard work.

Also from CONTAC


OEE Analytics for Asset events

Download SCAN Overview (PDF)

Download SEP Overview (PDF)


Every second, PI collects a massive amounts of untapped valuable data The challenge is how to go from data into actionable knowledge AI & ML platform for sensor based industrial data

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